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Our goal is to meet with every Member of Congress to build relationships and keep the needs of the T1D community top of mind. As meetings are held, be sure to check out the inspiring summaries and photos.

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  • Total Possible Meetings: 20
  • Currently Scheduled: 0
  • Meetings Held: 14
  • Percentage Complete: 60%

Check back as we populate scheduled and completed 2018 Promise to Remember Me meetings with Members of Congress in Illinois.

Click below to see archived meetings with Members of Congress in Illinois from past advocacy campaigns!

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Every session of Congress, JDRF Advocates meet with their Members and staff, many of whom are unfamiliar with JDRF, type 1 diabetes (T1D) and its emotional, physical and financial toll.

JDRF's Promise to Remember Me Campaign (Promise) gives you the opportunity to meet with your legislator in person at the state and local level, teach them about T1D, and ask for their support of T1D research funded by the Congress.

JDRF is one of the most effective grassroots advocacy organizations in the country because of people like you whose lives are touched by T1D. Through the years, your voices have shared with Congress how T1D affects you, your family and your community, leading to continued funding for research and regulatory policies that improve life for people with T1D until the day we find a cure.

If you are interested in meeting with your Member(s) of Congress, please sign up now. Local JDRF volunteer advocacy leaders will organize the meetings and alert you when there is an upcoming opportunity in your area.


Help us meet each Member of Congress for T1D Research

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