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JDRF 2023 New Member Outreach Initiative

Welcome to the JDRF 2023 New Member Outreach Initiative! All across the country our network of advocacy leaders are working to schedule meetings with newly seated Members of Congress to shine a light on the lived experiences of T1D, form relationships, and ensure these legislators know how they can be supportive of their constituents impacted by T1D.

This national campaign will run through April 23 – to follow our progress we encourage you to explore the map to the left or click the button below to express interest in attending a meeting!

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  • Total Possible Meetings: 20
  • Currently Scheduled: 0
  • Percentage Complete: 60%

Click below to see meetings with Members of Congress in Illinois.

There are no newly elected Members of Congress in this state, but please visit for more ways to get involved and follow @JDRFAdvocacy on social.

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